Suffered From Water Damage & Need A Flood Restoration Service?

Well here at Independent Contractor Network, We help people with damaged properties spread all over the UK. We make sure all of our work is done to the best of our ability. Our company promise to help you throughout the whole process of what you are sadly experiencing. We work with an independent loss adjusting group to make sure our customers are ensuring all they are entitled to receive.

Professional Flood Restoration Experts

Flood damage repair servicesAt Independent Contractor Network, We know that when a pipe leaks, it can be a very distressing time at home. A small leak can turn into a much bigger problem than started with. Furthermore, an escape of water can cause a lot of damage to your home. That’s why our company has a high level of standards which our employees must require. We have specialists in your area ready to help you today with your flood or water damage. What we do is make sure the area is safe, ensure that the damaged area is restored to it’s before condition & make sure that all materials are fully dried.

Sometimes a fire can cause a lot more damage than expected. For example, smoke particles from a fire can be driven into the properties materials which will then have to be taken down and worked on completely.

Independnet Contractor Network

All of our work is established insured. Independent Contractor Network believe strongly about Customer Care, Quality, Health & Safety & Performance. We also understand that you want your business or home back to normal, our goal is to ensure this happens fast and carefully.


Our Services Include:

  • Invoice the company to your satisfaction
  • Negotiating with insurer directly
  • 24 Hour Emergency helpline, 365 days a year
  • Ensure you are receiving your full entitlement


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