If you are having problems with your cavity wall insulation such as damp patches on your walls, damage to the timber and steel frames of your home or your house being colder than usual, then there is a cavity claims management company ready to help you. My Cavity Claim is a company who specialises exclusively in cavity wall insulation problems so you are guaranteed to receive the best services in regards to making a claim for damages your cavity walls have sustained from insulation.

My Cavity Claim can help you with a variety of problems that cavity wall insulation may have caused. This includes damp, which is the most common problem especially in homes that are in areas of heavy rainfall. Damp is dangerous for your home as it can cause health problems to the residents. Mould produces allergens, irritants and sometimes can be toxic. Inhaling these spores can cause respiratory problems and asthma attacks.

If you know that the damp in your home is caused by cavity wall insulation and you have never had problems with damp prior to the insulation, then My Cavity Claim can assess your home and determine the cause, then help you to claim if the insulation is indeed faulty and the damp is not your fault. They aim to help you with gaining the compensation that you need in order to get the insulation extracted.

cavity wall insulation problemsThey can also help you to claim the compensation you need to repair your home if the damp has damaged furniture and the walls. Some companies may not help you in the aftermath of damp, but My Cavity Claim can help you to make a claim against the liable party to cover the costs of replacing your furniture and wallpaper. If you know that cavity wall insulation damp was the cause of damages in your home, then My Cavity Claim can help you to make a claim.

Another cavity wall insulation problems covered by My Cavity Claim is if your property was unsuitable for the cavity wall insulation. This includes if you live in a coastal area, in a high rain exposure zone or in an area that is unprotected by other buildings from the elements. If this is the case, then My Cavity Claim can claim against the surveyor who did not pick up on this on the initial survey and gave the installation approval that it should not have had.

Working together with Public Loss Adjusters, My Cavity Claim are experts in claiming the compensation you deserve. Whether you need to claim for insulation removal, or need to claim for the damages caused after removal, they can provide the solution and keep informed you for every step of the way. If you happen to be having cavity wall insulation problems then please visit our website at https://www.mycavityclaim.com/common-cavity-wall-insulation-problems/.